1. That time I was on the telly, drawing Dr Who…(part 2)

    2023-03-03 10:13:20 UTC
    Continued from part 1… (link to that here) So a slightly tired and jaded David Tennant is now in the hot seat, the clock has started, and it’s photo time.  I took my EOS DSLR camera, which meant I got much more control over the way the photo looks than…

  2. Reduction - what do I mean?

    2022-12-23 12:54:08 UTC
    If it’s listed as one of my five favourite things in art, then I must be able to explain it, right? Let me try and show you why reduction is so important to me, as well as touching on how it has manifested throughout art history Reducing an image to…

  3. Tik Tok Tik Tok - the slow death of big art.

    2022-12-09 10:34:43 UTC
    Tik Tok. Is it the sound of the countdown towards a slow death for anything demanding real thought, or just a trivial fun way to spend time on a phone Full disclosure, I’ve never used it, but I know it’s driven Instagram and others to copy its mind-numbing fast-paced video…

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